3.13 Balcony Scene

Setting - courtyard below and outside the window of Meira's personal chamber. Let's suppose that they just both attended a state ball but that she wasn't able to tear herself away from dignitaries.
Caelum - Meira, my beauty?!? I cannot leave without once more seeing your face!
Following some rustling beyond the draperies Meira emerged draped in an evening robe. She scanned the darkened courtyard for the cleric's face but found only shadow. "You're bold Caelum of LowMeadow, the guards would not take kindly to you lurking amidst the rosebushes."
Caelum - the swords are not but the pricks from these rose thorns, a small price to pay for the pleasure of being in your presence.
"You do me much honour brave warrior, but to what ends does your praise serves, I dare to hope that your intent is a conquest of romance but what confidence can you offer me of your truest intent?"
I have naught to offer but my heart, and I give not that freely. As I have no home or roots, I fear I am a wanderer as the moon, who disappears on occasion, but who always reappears in due season.
"I care for neither home nor roots but the state of this pro-offered heart is of great import in mine eye. I yearn that we were in better times that I had not fear of the assassin's knife nor some subtler plot behind honeyed words."
Caelum - Of these things accused even the guilty would feign innocence, so words are of no use, but trust to your heart, and know that having not succumbed to the intrigues of Athal city or Meridian, I would not do so here.
Caelum - much is at stake for me, as it is for you, and know that there is nothing that would divert my heart from the shores of your pleasure
"I know you to be soldier against the darkest intrigues, and in that I find your truest light, and perhaps your deepest fault, for a yearn for the devotion that would indeed make love a suitors one desire, but my desire for such a suitor as you is built on higher causes, of battles, and destinies, and war-weary groans
Caelum - dawn breaks and sheds its light on the darkness below, eventually illuminating all, I believe that love can also be so illuminating, shining all the brighter for the darkness that may surround it
"For this time though our candle loves must huddle in the darkness till light enough to dispel them is issued forth from our alliance, a herald of nuptials were that glorious day to ere come."
Caelum - Is there no token I can take of your love, to carry with me secretly into battle, to know that I go not alone?
Caelum (to self) - to leave so unfulfilled would be the very apex of frustration, and yet, to receive and not deserve feels even worse
"As is the custom of our people no mightier token I know of if you would be bold enough to both give and receive such a thing as a ring for both our fingers.
Caelum - A ring would be to bold a proclamation, as you have said yourself that you must look to the intrigue of your station
"Then take this with you." she replied slightly crestfallen, "A bittersweet lace stained only with tears shed for the distances between us."
"I beckon that you would soon return, with deeds to best any court challenge in order to make our betrothal known, and to light a brighter beacon against the gathering gloom."
Caelum - but tears do dry, and distance can be forded, as have my crew gone over this world many times
"Wander it once more and return to me love's ring, I wait here with yours from this moment with heart aching for your return."
Caelum - and until the time is right to trade for a ring, take my amulet, and keep it with you - it will protect you until I return
Caelum (aside) - I hope she doesn't want the lich-frog…
Catching the thrown amulet deftly in hand Meira held it up to the shining moonlight, drinking in its rugged splendor. "It will be close to my heart always, as will be you. But you should depart now Caelum, I fear your presence here discovered may greatly shake the foundation of our dreams here laid."
Caelum - know that I may be at the other end of the world, but you have naught but to look for the moon to know that I, like it, will be back in due course
"Farewell my sweet love, hurry back to me"
Caelum air-walks up to the balcony, touches Meira's cheek with the back of his hand, and dimension-doors away into the evening, feeling like never before.

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