The Auldelian art of armavoc (lit. sword magic) is an ancient form of magic used by front line combatants. The name is a slight misnomer as the art is readily adaptable to any weapon, including natural weapons and unarmed attacks. Adepts of armavoc are skilled in casting spells using mental focus and precise movements of their weapons. It is to a wizard's magic as dance is to poetry.

Some armavoc spells are so subtle they can be mistaken for preternatural skill, others are more ostentatious leaving little doubt that supernatural energies are being harnessed. All characters employing at least one armavoc feat have a caster level equal to half their character level for use with all armavoc spells. Characters with prestige classes devoted to sword magic may have higher caster levels than this.


Armavoc magic breaks down into a number of schools, most of which are categorized along the lines of the elemental planes.
The school of fire is primal, focused on the powers of fire and heat toward the destruction of enemies.

The school of earth is focused on strength, endurance, and patience towards inevitable victory.

Water (Ice)
The school of water is focused on controlling the tides of the battlefield. It includes a number of attacks utilizing ice and frost.

The school of air is one focusing on speed, movement and controlled chaos.

Shadow spells emphasize misdirection, illusion and deception.

Light spells emphasize the powers of creativity, piety and purity of mind and body.

Marshal spells are fueled by the essence of camaraderie. They focus on those who fight alongside you, helping your allies to excel with your support and leadership.

Spirit spells are the realm of the mind. Those who concentrate on such magics hone their self-control to a razor's edge.

Armavoc foundation spells

While most armavoc spells last for little more than a few heartbeats, foundations are an exception. Foundation spells are known also as stance spells as the posture or pose of the practitioner sustains them. They could be considered the base medium of a combat posture on which other sword magic spells may be applied. While using a foundation spell the character must have weapons ready and cannot be flat-footed, stunned, pinned, exhausted, or helpless. A character may cast a foundation spell as a swift action. If a character already has another foundation spell in effect, it is dispelled instantly when the new spell takes effect. If a character is stunned, pinned, exhausted, or rendered helpless, the foundation spell has no effect until the condition is resolved.

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