Saint Anastal: A noble warrior with a dark and violent past, In addition to being the bearer of the Phoenix Blade. Anastal is a chosen vessel for the handmaiden, a hero deity herald of Angelique, the Lady of Mercies. Anastal ended the Dragon War by slaying the Great Red Wyrm Tusk in the heart of Tusk Mountain in MR 8091. She fought in the Exilic war on the side of the Empire and captured by the archmage Voxaminer.

Her companions include Reethe, Norbit, Phae Talla, and Fronzegard

Anastal Gallador@Lvl 21_____
Player: Tyler
Class: Cleric, Ward of Mercy
Level: Cleric 9 WoM 10 Contemplative 1
Alignment: Neutral Good/Lawful Good
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Age: 23 Born Quion 11th
Sex: Female
Height 5’10”
Weight 170
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Str 28 +9 (16 base +6 level +6 divine bonus)
Dex 16 +3 (10 base +6 divine bonus)
Con 24 +7 (14 base +4 levels +6 divine bonus)
Int 16 +3 (10 base +6 divine bonus)
Wis 33 +11 (17 base +10 level +6 divine bonus)
Chr 22 +6 (16 base +6 divine bonus)
_/171 Gestalt:__/300
AC: 32 (+12 armor, +7 shield, +3 Dex)
Initiative +3/+6(Divine Agility)
Saves: Fort +26, Ref+15, Will +31
Base Attack Bonus: +15/+10/+5 G:+20/+15/+10/+5
Bastard Sword: +31/+26/+21/+16,
DMG: 1d10+1d6fire+2d6holy+11; 17-20x3Crit=3d10+1d6+4d10+33
Cross Bow: +23 to hit, 1d8 damage
Concentration 23 (18 ranks)
Heal 20 (11 ranks)
Jump +36 (ring)
Knowledge (Planes) 25 (22 ranks)
Knowledge Religion 20 (17 ranks)
Spellcraft 19 (16 ranks)
Speak Language: Aquan
Speak Language: Celestial
Speak Language: Elven
Perform 28 (22 ranks)
Ride 19 (16 ranks)
Special Abilities
Turn Undead 9/day, Domain Spells, Spontaneous Casting
Divine Grace, CHA bonus to saving throws
Spontaneous Casting of Break Enchantment
Chant of Grace; share CHA bonus to saves
Spontaneous Casting of Heal
Chant of Mercy; CHA bonus of resistance
Spontaneous casting of Regenerate
Chant of Guardianship; CHA bonus AC
Spontaneous casting of Holy Aura
Chant of Providence; perform check=Temp HP
Spontaneous Casting of Mass Heal
Gestalt Powers of the Handmaiden:
Detect Evil at will, Smite Evil 5/day-+6Attack,+20dmg
Lay on Hands-120HP worth
Aura of Courage: Immune to fear, allies within 10 feet +4
Divine Health: Immune to all diseases
Special Mount: Goldmane (Dire Lion)
Remove Disease 5/week
Magic, Travel, Protection
Exotic weapon proficiency: Bastard Sword
Scribe Scroll
Ride By Attack (Replaced Leadership)
Craft Magic Arms and Armour
Improved Critical: Bastard Sword
Mounted Combat (Replaced Power Critical)
Spirited Charge
Domain Spontaneity: Travel Domain
Craft Wondrous Item
Silken Celestial Decorated Garments
Ring of Jumping
Heward’s Handy Haversack
Holy Symbol, silver
+4 Mithral Full Plate (*Moderate Fort)
Goldmayne: +5 Lion Shield Separate Page for more
Staff of Evocation
Wand of Lightning Bolt
Weapon: Hallowed Phoenix Blade of the Handmaiden
+5 Hallowed Flaming Hand and a half sword of Sharpness
Immolate: 40d6 damage, half fire, half holy, 20 ft radius, 80 ft high. Handmaiden destroyed in process, returned next round, as if by the Ressurection spell with full spell allotment (-1 level).[Hallowed weapons deal +2d6 Holy damage and +2d10 bonus holy damage on a critical Hit, Weapons with X3 crit modifiers (like the phoenix blade*wink wink*) deal +4d10 instead. and weapons with a X4 Critical Mod do +6d10]
Sharpness Grants a +1 to crit Multiplier
Default Spell List 20thlevel :

6-0 Lightx2, Detect Magicx2, Read Magic, Mending

8-1 Shield of Faithx3, Comprehend Languages, Divine Favourx3, Entropic Shield

7-2 Align Weapon, Zone of Truth, Hold Person, Shield Other, Bear's Endurance, Undetectable Alignment, Resist Energy

7-3 Dispel Magicx2, Interplanar Message, Daylight, Wind Wall, Water Breathing, Invis Purge

7-4 Tongues, GMWx2, Imbue with spell ability, Restoration, Death Ward, Divine Power

7-5 Divine Agility, Commune, Righteous Mightx2, True Seeing, Wall of Stone, Flame Strike

5-6 Mass Manifest, Wind Walk, Greater Dispellingx2, Word of Recall

5-7 Holy Starx2, Mass Spell Resistancex2, Greater Restoration

5-8 Fire Storm, Camraderie, Discern Location, Dimensional Lock, Greater Spell Immunity

5-9 Miraclex2, Implosion, Gatex2

Default Paladin Spell List:

6-1 Divine Favourx2, Cure Light Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Bless Weaponx2

5-2 Shield Other, Undetectable Alignment, Bull's Strengthx2, Zone of truth

5-3 Cure Moderate Wounds, Heal Mountx2, Discern Lies, Remove Blind/Deaf

5-4 Holy Swordx2, Death Wardx2, Cure Serious Wounds

Default Domain Spell List:

Shield Other
Dimension Door
Spell Resistance
Find The Path
Greater Teleport
Mind Blank
Mordenkainen's Disjunction

Gold Pieces: 212, 691 Experience: -840 for Goldmane boost.
-64K for belt of magnificence +6, 8000 exp

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