Aegis Character Creation Guidelines

Rolling Method

15 point buy

Races Permitted

* Rare races

Classes Permitted

Characters may not take cavalier or paladin as their first level.

Hit Die

Character's use max hit points for first level and take the average value in lieu of rolls from level 2 onward.


This is not an evil campaign, low-folk have their own moral sentiments that vary widely from tribe to tribe. Rather than picking an alignment briefly describe your moral outlook.

Character history

Please write out a character history between 300 words and 1,500 words


You may pick two traits, at least one must be a campaign trait. Campaign traits often, but not always, align your character with the loosely organized resistance movement among the low-folk of Aegis. All bonuses imparted by traits are trait bonuses.

Campaign Traits:

Underground Contact Characters with this trait receive a +2 bonus to gather information, You have knowledgeable friends within the resistance who feed you information hard to find elsewhere
Smuggler +1 trait bonus to any two of stealth, bluff, slight of hand, or knowledge(geography) Through working with the resistance you have experience moving goods and people through borders, likely
Canter +5 to bluff/sense motive for secret messages You have learned the secret cant of the low-folk resistance, used by their leaders to convey the most sensitive of plans
Freedom Fighter +1 trait bonus on any skill check or attack roll made during the process of escaping capture or in helping a slave escape bondage, and Escape Artist is class skill You are a trained member of the resistance dedicated to freeing the low-folk from the yoke of humanity
Lookout +2 trait bonus to perception checks Your time with the resistance working as a child lookout has sharpened your senses considerably
Resistance Optional:
Black Market Haggler Prices at the Aegis black market are reduced by %10 Your friends in the black market always cut you a good deal when markets are held
Gentle Features(Can't be taken for Kobolds/Ratfolk) +2 bonus on disguise checks to appear as a member of one standard race. Your bestial features are muted, you are sometimes mistaken for high-folk. The resistance considers you an invaluable spy or saboteur
Veteran of Battle +1 to init, quickdraw weapon in surprise round. You fought in the battle for brokewing gorge under the command of the late Hrotha the screaming spear who valued a quick attack above all else.
Authorized Resident +4 bonus on diplomacy when attempting not to be arrested You have official papers from the government of Aegis permitting you to be in the city, while it's still best for you to stay out of sight you can show your face on the streets without fear of arrest. This status was were either granted through a resistance contact or are greatly desired by members of the resistance.
Orphan of War +1 fort saves Your are the last of your family, the rest were killed by the humans, you were taken in by a half-orc family who support the resistance
Instigator of Rebellion +1 to intimidate and diplomacy You are committed to bringing ruin to the government that has crushed your people with or without the help of the resistance
Tortured +1 bonus on will saves Your time under the whip of the humans has hardened your resolve and given you reason to rise up against them
Tribal Prestige +2 bonus on diplomacy checks around members of 3 specific tribes. You are a family member of a former tribal leader, warrior, or shaman of some repute who's noteriety is known by low-folk beyond your own clan
Hearts and Minds +2 bonus to diplomacy checks with humans or dwarves who are indifferent or unfriendly You have an excellent understanding of the high-folk psyche and have a knack for making them second guess their prejudices
Suspicious +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is always a class skill for you. Over the course of your life many times friends and allies have turned on you, you're always on guard against sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Background traits:

Secrets of the Forest +1 bonus to knowledge (nature), +4 to identify creatures of the fey type You are a proponent of a strain of ancient and dubious lore which trace all the ills of the world to the machinations of fey, you devote much of your life to their study and extinction
Dragon Enthusiast you receive a +4 bonus to knowledge (arcana) checks made to identify and know the special powers or vulnerabilities of dragons. You feel that the dragons in the region are not so rare as the high-folk believe
Draconic Companion (Kobold only) You may take a felldrake as an animal companion, use stats as per a dinosaur with a +2 bonus to int and the ability to speak draconic. You have stolen an elven felldrake and raised it as your own
Focused Mind] +2 concentration checks You are difficult to distract once your mind is set on something
Dirty Fighter +1 bonus to damage when flanking In the streets there is strength in numbers
Gifted Adept +1 caster level with one spell This signature spell has saved your life on more than one occasion
Bully/Brute You gain a +1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you. The easiest way to get what you need is to convince people to give it to you.
Child of the Streets You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sleight of Hand checks, and Sleight of Hand is always a class skill for you. A quick hand is the best salve for an empty stomach
Child of the wilderness Pick one of: Handle Animal, Ride or Survival, +1 trait bonus checks and skill is a class skill The forest holds ancient answers the high-folk have all but forgotten
Scholar of Ruins +1 bonus to both Know(geography) and (dungeoneering) also one is a class skill. The fallen kingdoms of the elves have always held a fascination for you.


Your character starts out with 1/2 the average starting equipment specified for your class. Your equipment is old, soiled and/or ugly and cannot be readily sold. You may not begin with any food, or liquid wealth such as coin, or trade goods.

Character Sheet

Place your character sheet on the wiki or e-mail to Tim.

Favored Class

Any bonus given to a character for 1/6 favored classes is changed to 1/5 for the Aegis campaign, other bonuses given more frequently are not affected.

Capstone ability

Any single classed character of a class that has a level 20 "Capstone" ability will receive that ability at the final level PCs reach before the end of the campaign. The campaign is intended to see the characters conclude their regular careers at level 15.

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