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Tusk Mountain Campaign

The first game in the current campaign world was held on February 2002 with Scott LeBel, Jason Herman, Tommy Tranter, and Nicolas Verrinder. The first adventure, entitled “Plunging into Darkness”, formed the pilot for what would become the Tusk Mountain Campaign, which spanned 23 adventures plus two additional epic-level flashbacks. The campaign involved discoveries around the Great Red Wyrm, Tusk, and a demigod named Kora as the party came to terms with the events that shaped the first human nation on the planet, Donlin. Nic dropped from the campaign around 5th level making room for Chris Green, who was in turn replaced by Tyler McKinnon, who finished the campaign ascending to godhood with his character, Anastal. Overall, the Tusk Mountain game took 18 months real time.

Karalon Campaign

The Karalon game, begun in June 2003, saw a transition into 3.5 rules and some new players. Tyler moved to Calgary, making room at the table for Marc Stokes and my new girlfriend Amanda Depner. Karalon had more of a druidic feel to it. It was set on a distant continent a world away from the smoking crater that had been Donlin. The game featured a great deal of turnover in characters, but the players stayed constant throughout. The plot of the second campaign involved the plight of a large group of Athalish exiles eking out an existence of the savage continent of Karalon. The campaign culminated in a massive war as the exiles attempted to return home. In a terrible betrayal, the party’s most dearly trusted friend and mentor Voxaminer turned out to be an ancient villain, a lich first encountered by the original Tusk Mountain group. The campaign ended with a second betrayal as Jason’s character, Rook, abandoned the party in a bid for godhood. Overall, the Karalon game took 36 months real time.

World Runner Campaign

Unlike the Karalon campaign, which followed essentially on the heels of Tusk Mountain in terms of game time, the World Runner campaign took place roughly one hundred years after the conclusion of Karalon. Again, we had some new faces and returning friends. Scott LeBel and Jason Herman returned to the table, with Tim Green reprising his role as Dungeon Master. Tim's, by then, wife Amanda Green returned also. We welcomed another couple to the table this time around, Chris Johnston and Dennis Lancien. Chris, like Tim and Jason, has been playing D&D since second edition while Dennis is a relatively new player with a lot of role-playing gusto. Since the outset of the campaign Jason moved back east and scott found it difficult to make it to games. Donald, a friend from TEC signed on and two players have had a hand at providing a party mage including Aampi and rounding out the campaign Brandon.
The worldrunner campaign chronicled a worldwide conflict against the followers of the god of death Ludimar through the eyes operatives of a clandestine organization lead by Shimin. The campaign is presently building to a world shaking climax as the party, the last remnants of the worldrunners, make a desperate bid to weaken Ludimar as he stands poised to crush the Athalish Empire.
The campaign has seen a number of interesting twists and innovations including the use of our digital projector system for all combats, and the return of my first long term PC, the death priest Maugan as a chief NPC antagonist for the party.

1 The Enemy of My Enemy
2 Witch Hunt
3 Hurly Burly Brothers (Published adventure from Dragon Magazine)
4 Setters of Escher
5 Trailblazers
6 The Lady of Callet
7 A Sliver of Hope
8 The Glacial Path
9 The Siege of Sarthorn
10 The Minotaur's Labyrinth
11 Roots
12 Intrigue in Dallaros
13 Devilish Designs
14 The Raid on Sadoth
15 The Dragon Doom (Including Draconomicon Web enhancement from WOTC website)
16 Solstice
17 The Children of Ashaneron
18 The Battle of the Demonshadow Valley
19 The Beast and the Blade
20 Heaven Siege
21 The Vault of Bahamut
22 Solstice Revisited
23 Anastal

Dargos Campaign

The Dargos Campaign will be the fourth campaign to take place in the world of Tusk Mountain and draws on new materials and employing a new system. Dargos will be the first of my campaigns to employ Paizo's Pathfinder RPG revisions to the 3.5 OGL. So far Chris, Dennis, Donald, and Mandy have expressed concrete interest in embarking on another campaign.
The town of Skyhold
1 The Infestation
2 The Ore Scandal
3 Butterfly
4 The Ursa Suspect
5 Under Rittenratch
6 Seaflame's Echo
7 Avalanche
8 Butchers of Dragondale
9 Perilous Paths
10 Heiress
11 The Golden Path
12 Dragons in the Twilight
13 Prophet of the Fallen Sun
14 Prisoners of Dongathol
15 Pillaging Grenvier
16 Menace
17 The Kamest Heist
18 The Void Eye
19 Ghost in the Machine
20 The Cavalry
21 The Siege of Skyhold
22 A Tale of Two Continents

Pirates of the Orc's Teeth

Derived from the skull and shackled published adventure path and set in the orc's teeth this campaign will run from 1-15 with Chris G, Chris J, Dennis, and Donald as the core players.
Pirates Character Creation Guidelines


Set in the bleak north of north eastern Meridian Aegis is a city of humans bent on wiping out the low-folk tribes that raid their caravans. The story is of a group of these low-folk who defend their peoples from utter ruin by working within the mighty city. This campaign will run from 1-15 with Amanda, Alex M, Vik M, and Phil S as the core players.
Aegis Character Creation Guidelines

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