4.01 A Walk in the Park

Adventure 1

While everyone is busy talking about what to do about the goblins and the ants, Izûn-Zîn takes a well-needed walk out of the suffocating town. On their earlier expedition, Izûn spotted a wooded area not more than a couple miles away from town. Upon reaching the woodlands, he finds an oak forest reminiscent of his home thornwood. Upon closer inspection, he finds yew trees to be plentiful as well in these woods. Many of the oaks at the forest's edge have been pollarded, likely to supply lumber to the people of Skyhold.
After a short walk, he comes across a small clearing with a young oak sapling that somehow managed to escape browsing wildlife.
"You're not going to last long there," Izûn remarks to the sapling.
Getting down on a knee, he scoops up the sapling with a handful of dirt, and stands looking around. He notices an old juniper shrub, whose branches have spread outwards, leaving deadwood at its centre; essentially a hollow space surrounded by rough, spiky branches.
He carries the oak sapling to the juniper and pushes aside the scratchy boughs, planting it near the centre of the aging juniper. The juniper's branches should protect the sapling from deer and other browsers until it's large enough to grow out of their reach, by which time, the juniper will likely have expired.
He carries on with his walk, keeping his eye out for other ways he can attend to the woodland.

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