4.07 A Seed Is Planted

Izûn-Zîn trudged into town trailing a small cart loaded with a shovel and some nicely carved lumber. He had prepared the pieces carefully the night before, treating them with pitch to withstand the elements. When he got into town, he wheeled his cart to a small as yet unclaimed lot near the centre of town just large enough for his purposes. Digging his shovel into the ground, he began to turn the earth and collect stones.

After a few hours work, Izûn-Zîn had assembled a decorative medium-sized planter, bordered by stones and the treated lumber, carved with the images of forest and fey creatures, weaving in and out of the wood. He opened a burlap sack and took out some bulbs of various flowering plants he had collected earlier and carefully planted them inside the borders. Lastly, he took out one of the chestnuts given to him by Taylar, and carefully planted it in the centre.

He would tend the planter regularly, and in the spring, the bulbs would sprout and flower, and he would study the growth of the exotic plant gifted to him.

He returned his shovel and other supplies to his cat and wheeled it back home.

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