3.15 A Saint By Any Other Name

Caelum and Ravinien going through the red dragon's horde.

Caelum: You say you found a suit of armour, Ravinien?

Ravinien (from beyond a cluster of stalagmites): "Yes, indeed, it's wedged, large and very heavy, could I trouble you for a hand."

Caelum: absolutely (airwalking over to the sound of the voice) let me grab this end …

Ravinien (with a mighty heave the two men managed to pluck the armor free from the spot it was buried in the sand) : "It's quite the suit of mail. I wonder if it's magic.

Caelum: It's glowing quite strongly of abjuration

Ravinien: Looks to be the work of a dwarven artisan, I wonder how it made it's way here. (Ravinien pondered, touching the hot metal gingerly.)

Caelum: are there any markings or insignia on it?

Ravinien: Just the gold loop there on the chest. Some kind of ward or guard perhaps if it's abjuration as you say.

Caelum: I was hoping for a symbol of Tolast … I mean, we found his glove and all.

Ravinien: What's so important about this Tolast character anyways? All I know so far with regards to him is that he's dead, forgetful, and assumedly not so powerful as to have enchanted gloves.

Caelum: Maybe he was so powerful in his own right he didn't need enchanted gloves. He is a saint for being ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

Ravinien (shrugs): That seems weak logic holy man, he either could get enchanted gloves or couldn't no hero decides arbitrarily that they are powerful enough, not in a world like the one we live in.

Caelum: There may be other reasons as well. Right now, his life is a mystery, and that is part of his appeal.

Ravinien: Seems a pretty obvious mystery, this saint of yours wanders across the world for thirty odd years and one day vanishes, seems like your valaint explorer went and got himself lost.

Caelum: the disappearance is only part of the mystery. Nobody knows the motivations he had for all his good deeds.

Ravinien: Have you discovered the motivation for my good deeds? or your own?

Caelum: We also revere his faith that kept him going on the road and sustained him for so many years. Tolast's story is not about a man getting lost, but about a man that found himself by doing good for others. That's what makes him a saint.

Caelum (smiles): And so what if he got lost? I do on a regular basis!

Ravinien: This whole matter of sainthood I find suspect, In the Auldelian theology only Ashaneron is venerated to the exclusion of all others."

Caelum: And if you couldn't become Ashaneron when you grow up, who could you grow up to be like? Saints are like signposts, or guides or models. To be looked up to or emulated.

Ravinien: We don't consider equality to Ashaneron as something to be grasped, we can strive for perfection, but will never achieve it, to aim for anything less would once have been called heresy by my people.

Caelum: To my way of seeing, to aim for anything at all is a step in the right direction these days. Consider the path through the woods. If we all tread the same path at the same time, nobody will get through, but if we all make our own paths, we will all eventually get there, even if we may get a little lost along the way.

Ravinien: An interesting analogy, I would press the point but my civilization, for all it's theological integrity apparently collapsed eons ago, so perhaps I'll save further critique for the day yours does likewise, with the Ludimarites abounding I fear we may not have long to wait.

Caelum: Then we’d best get through sorting this stuff while we can… (Caelum walks back to the pile of gold pieces he was counting and starts back again at one)

6751.39 gp

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