9 Perilous Paths

+1 Flaming Longbow
+1 Longsword
+3 Breastplate
+3 heavy wood shield
cold iron dagger
light crossbow with 10 cold iron bolts
cloak of resistance +3
eyes of the eagle
5300 gp worth of diamonds (used to resurrect Marcella)
1500 gp emerald
200 gp large topaz
10,038 gp
428 sp
1,842 cp

NG intelligent cold iron small rapier. +1 Shocking.
Ego +8 Value 15,000 gp
Int 15 Wis 13 Cha 12
2600 gp extra +4 ego
Empathy and Speach: Dollite, Halfling, Celestial (talks only in a whisper)
Quickblade Simeon is a sword crafted by the Halflings of Dallaros to do battle with demons. He gained sentience due to a blessing by Saint Anastal in the years following the fall of Donlin. The blade was lost in battle to a force lead by the nalfeshe Irgines who tormented the blade incessantly for many generations. After a time Irgines was nearly slaughtered by devilish assassins and the blade entered the would be killer's possession. The devils, rather than blindly tormenting the sword have set about trying to tempt him into serving their ends, thus far their entreaties have been firmly rebuffed.
Simeon is long suffering and often looks at the potential for good creatures possess rather than merely their present alignment. He does not incur a negative level on his wielder unless the wielder is evil.
Simeon hates demons with every ounce of his being, he has only slight special powers against them yet but knows quite a bit about them. He feels inadequate for the task of fighting many larger demons and, if given the opportunity he insists upon enhancements to this end.
Goals: Simeon desired the Holy weapon enhancement and to slay the demon Azaratlar, in eastern Auldelia.

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