7 Avalanche

Lundune's House:
3 scrolls: invisibility, silence, black tentacles
4 gold bars 200 gp value each
A platinum necklace worth 300 gp, flecked with saphires (the color of Seline's eyes)

Merchants house,
set of scales 50 gp value
Maps of Echer coast
A magnifying glass worth 100 gp

Two suits of armor 1200 gp each

The gem chest contains the following
106 assorted agates worth 1000 gp
75 obsidian gems worth 800 gp
3 brilliant amber stones worth 500 gp
56 diamond chips worth 2000 gp total
The diamonds may be of some use for spellcasters.

MW Greatsword , 4 flasks of alchemist's fire, 6 throwing axes, +1 breastplate, 100 ft silk rope, 83 gp. Potion of cure moderate wounds

Wand of summon monster II 10 charges (900 gp value), 3X potions of cure light wounds, 1X Potion of Invisibility.

3000 gp

MW scythe

The chest contains an assortment of eight immaculately preserved boots from ancient auldelia
4 non-magical riding boots fashioned from the hides of dragon, griffon, gorgon, and wolf. Worth 100 gp each.
Boots of Catfall (fashioned from tiger pelt) 1000 gp
Boots of the Winterlands (fashioned from winter wolf pelt) 2500 gp
Boots of Striding and Springing (fashioned from velociraptor hide) 5500 gp
Boots of dimension Striding (fashioned from pelt of a blink dog) 5000 gp

Six Mysterious Adamantine Plates, Each weighs 2 lbs and independent of magical qualities are worth 600 gp in materials alone. Each contain a sculpted extradimensional space and have non magical holes throughout, each is roughly the size of a buckler.

keg of Fine dwarven ale 100 gp

A cherrywood chest worth 100 gp containing

  • 4 grey potions of cure light wounds (50 gp each)
  • 1 clear potion of glibness (750 gp)
  • 1 silver grey potion of invisibility (300 gp)
  • 2 elixers of truth (500 gp each)

2 masterwork batons (treat as clubs) (300 gp each)
Precisely 600 gp worth of Auldelian coin

Staring Box 1000 gp

12 barrels contain 120 quarts of oil each and are worth 20 gp each.


  • 13 gp, 18 sp, 4 oversized platinum coins (giant minted) worth 80 gp each.
  • deep blue spinal (500gp), alaxandrite (500gp), Potion of Bears endurance, Potion of Shillelagh, Scroll of Arcane:Shatter (CR 3), Scroll of Arcane: Invisibility , Foxs cunning , Obscure object (CR 3),
  • A granite chess piece of a queen The bottom is inscribed with two words One unintelligible Auldelian the other is "Anorim" which means 'yield' in Dwarven.
  • Lastly it holds a polished silver holy symbol of Odenthor, recently stolen from Kobo of the Iron Guild
  • 1939.8 gp value total

6 golden holy symbols of ashaneron, worth 60 gp each
a crumbling leather satchel contains assorted herbs, oils and incense, spell components for forgotten spells. (worth 200 gp to a mage)
Lastly at the bottom of the crate there are six tubes contain 500 gp worth of diamond dust each. 3000 gp total.

5 Musk Melons (value unknown)

book composed of sheets of hammered gold contains the following spells: Magic Missile, Darkness, Acid Arrow, Hideous Laughter, Mage Armor, Rage, Magic Circle against Chaos, & Solid Fog. The spells have a sale value of 240 gp + 200 for the value of the gold.

Rat Chest
Coin: 43 pp 84 gp 986 sp 1234 cp
Gems: 2X amber 100 gp, a silver pearl 100 gp, and a moonstone 50 gp.
Rings: A gold ring with inset flakes of jasper (75 gp), ring of protection +2
(8849.94 gp value total)

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