6 Seaflame's Echo

Treasury Notes:

6000 gp payment from Garmilla

14 gp, 84 sp, 10 pp and about 90 thoroughly corroded copper pieces.
Library Books worth 10,000 gp (sold to Garmilia)
Sword Scabbard worth 500 gp (taken by Taylar)
4040 gp quartz crystals (Sold to Garmilla)
Dragon turtle shell 1000 gp
8056 gp (53lbs of coins)
600 gp worth of china and cutlery.
a+2 longsword, and five potions contained in a locked watertight chest. (lock DC 25) The potions include: potion of bull’s strength, potion of invisibility, potion of cat’s grace, potion of sneaking, potion of swimming,
a watertight chest with an average quality lock (Value 300 gp)

6420 to each party members + 3 days of work from Garmilla (worth 1500 toward magic items)

A few weeks after parting on sour terms with Garmilia a package addressed to Drawerwick arrives from Landsbreak. In it are the following items each marked out for a party member:

Gloves of Missiles Varden
Boots of Runic Retreat Graster
Bandana of the Butcher Tamarack
Seeds of Curious Utility Izun Zin
Belt of Unpredictable Salvation Taylar

Drawerwick explains that Garmila had sent word to him that the package would be arriving for the party and that he was to present them this olive branch on their behalf. She apparently spent a great deal of time on each item creating unique treasures to suit the skills and temperament of each party member in the hopes that they can overcome some recent unpleasantness and perhaps to do business again in the future.

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