3.04.0 Setters Of Escher

To Pellia they book their trip
Song of Solace’s called the ship
Captain Parto heads the crew
They’re dining with the captain, too
They’re attacked by Ludimarites
In a great ship our band can’t fight
The cleric turns the zombie crew
Howie shoots holes in the hull, too
Intact, our crew escapes the fray
Except Parto, who’s blown away

In Millport Solace stops and stays
Needed repairs will take 5 days
Star meets and makes a new old friend
At the inn where their time they spend
Under command of first mate Graluss
The ship regains seaworthy status
They quickly get to Pellia
Where they are greeted by the mayor
He asks them to make several trades
To build a wall ‘gainst Ludimar raids

In Atrian loose rust monsters
Unleashed by someone sinister
Created a need for iron
Cavius has tons of stone
However drought destroyed the wheat
And they need some – the town must eat
In Cescia the monks have weed
But there is nothing else they need
For all the trades to be fulfilled,
The rust monster must first be killed

Hrash/Hlang finds where the monster’s at
They trade their swords for a wood bat
The beast they find mauling a tree
They flank it, but it tries to flee
Star kills it quickly with her spike
It turns out to be lizard-like
Our party brings the body back
They find that they are back on track
With treasure and their goods in tow
The band is now ready to go…

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