3.03.0 Hurly Burly Brothers

They leave Dachoen wanted men
A price upon their heads again
Bólgonagh said “Go to Cormuk
They’d be there soon with any luck
They’re heading for Meridian
To see Sinatam – ‘member him?
The guard got them back what he could
And them they took off through the wood
The Eth lead on, the paths he knew
They had bad luck, but that’s not new

A roc riding ogre swooped in
Carried off Star – the chase begin
Bitey freaked out “Where did Star go?”
The band still had Prosone in tow
They find a watchtower in the wood
Inside Star’s screaming, that’s not good
They’ll feed her to their scorpion
They must act fast, or soon she’s gone
Howie climbs up ‘round the outside
Cale, freaked by boulders, tries to hide

Hed and Hrash/Hlang beat down the beast
So it won’t have Star as a feast
While Hurley ogre does his thing
And at our heroes boulders fling
Cale strikes true and cuts Star free
They kill the bug ‘fore it can flee
Howie then makes it to the roof
And takes out Burley with an “Oof”
Hurley falls down when Hed casts grease
Then he is killed by etn with ease

‘Twas a hard fight, but they prevail
They then all need healing from Cale
They spend some time – recuperate
And head off before it gets late
Off to Cormuk they make their way
This time there will be no delay
This is a well built walled city
Kept by aerial cavalry
Here they part with their friend Prosone
Happy behind the walls of stone

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