4.03.0 Butterfly

Bought Potion of delay poison (300 gp)
Elixir of Hiding (250 gp)
Taylar Stole Oil of Daylight (750)
twelve moss agates 10 gp each.
314 gp
Blackened silver hair brush set with clear quartz (500 gp)
A Masterwork cold iron Greatsword (400 gp) (the troll used it as a longsword)
Badly damaged wooden tower shield (hardness 5, 4 of 20 hp remain) (3 gp)
Trex Egg

Saite owes the party 1000 gp for the Phoenixwing butterfly.

Named Insectoid Magical Beast: Skeletal Mantis.

After the adventure Varden purchases bracers of armor +1 made by Satie.

Taylar steals a wand of bear's endurance with 30 charges. (2700 gp)

667 divided amongst the party at the end of the party

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