23 Anastal

The party "cleans up" in Solstice's library, and having taken any valuables for safe-keeping (lest they be stolen) teleport to Shimin's Isle, where they hand over all the books (save the tome of the two brothers) and check the progress being made in rebuilding the organization. After a very one-sided conversation, the group (minus Larmost and Spicy) leave for Meridian, and the house of Nithalus, who would be very interested in the result of their latest adventure. They find his house in disrepair and his household in shambles - incursions by outsiders are at an all time high, and it is believed the tarrasque is stirring up activity in the area of Donlin crater; diverted there somehow by Ludimar's generals.

The tarrasque was recovered three days after seeing Nithalus, because the party wanted to have a moonless night to search for it. We found it in a stalemate with four large demons, all of them dealing large amounts of damage and regenerating hit points just as quickly. The party breaks the deadlock by attacking and eventually defeating the demons. At the same time, Garrett uses the mask to enchant the tarrasque, who is then renamed Peaches MacFluffington. The party also reminds Peaches of her primary target by repeating the name Ludimar into her ears, so if she ever becomes free, she remembers who she's meant to be attacking.

The party (HräshHläng, Starr, Garrett, Nervosh, Caelum, and Peaches) then fly to the beseiged city of Domitus, stopping on the way to borrow the bow and Arrow of Denial that stops teleportation. Peaches flies in, carrying several party members, and they quickly dispatch the night wings and necromancers that are Maugan's cobbled-together defense with a maximixed Sphere of Destruction. Maugan himself is knocked off his dracolich mount when it gets grappled and chewed on by Peaches; and plummets to the ground, where he's killed by HH's acid breath weapon. Using the scroll provided by Nithalus, Caelum and Maugan strike a deal: Caelum will raise him if he takes them to the jewel that contains Anastal.

The next morning, they go through a portal they find in Maugan's camp, which was being used to transfer undead troops from Gorost to the Domitus siege. In Gorost, they walk with Peaches into the heart of the city, where they find the spell pool being guarded by a colossal red dracolich with a bad attitude. With the help of a druid borrowed from Cormuk, they make Peaches extra effective and although he grapples Caelum, he has no chance to do damage before he gets dusted by Maugan's channeling positive energy and Garrett's well-placed spells.

They then saunter into the spell pool

They find Lady Meira in an arena charged with magical energy, possessed by a ghost with monsterous spellcasting ability. Eventually freeing Caelum's lover they journey deeper inward confronting a coven of vampires including Ravinien who they are forced to destroy. In an ancient sumoning area they encounter a necromancer who attempts to sacrifice a child who is saved by the party, unfortunatelly the small amount of innocent blood spilled by the necromancer's blade summons a night serpent. The party eventually enter the inner sanctum where anastal's recamia gem lies. Here they are confronted by an Avatar of Ludimar who meets the heros in a strugle which will define the next age of the world. Ludimar is at length defeated and just as the party begins to congratulate themselves Solstice appears, (apparently none the worse for wear for being eradicated phylactery and all in the previous adventure) and offers to take custody of Ludimar's remains. Solstice is bound by anastal not to release his charge not threaten any gathered there for the rest of eternity. The party are then free to make good on retirement goals.

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