3.22.0 Solstice Revisited

Where: Near Penmoria in Eastern Aire
When: MR 8222 Collis 6
Meet: November 22nd 2008

hellspawn basilisk

After spending a week arming themselves and buying shinies…

When the group (including Larmost) tried to teleport to Solstice’s throne room, they instead teleported to a different room altogether. They were greeted by a pair of earth elementals, who were fooled by a chorus line of attacking Ettins. When they were destroyed, they marked the party with exilic marks again. The room opened onto a maze that led everywhere but where they wanted to go. They encountered a stream of hot brackish water and encountered an enemy none of them had ever encountered before – insects that were human sized but had other insects as their organs. With lunch, the party removed their magic items and disjunctioned the marks. After a long day for searching, the party finally comes across two basilisks behind a sequestered adamantine wall, providing for line of sight attacks and total concealment against ranged attacks, but not line of effect for spells. After trying to bypass them, the basilisks teleport out from behind their wall. One gets killed and skinned, the other gets dominated. The party starts off again with a new pet.

After several more days exploring the seemingly never-ending dungeon, the party finds a room with a flaming skeleton and two fire giants. The party dispatches two of them quickly (dominating one of the giants) and, in a secret compartment in a column, find a scroll of prying eyes. They then continue through the maze until they find a room with several drow in some kind of suspended animation. Without realizing, the party sets off a dispel spell, and the two creatures they had in tow turn on them, as well as the drow, most of whom are recognized by Nervosh. After a battle in which plans don't work and items go missing, and there's a great teleport chase, the party emerges victorious, and one of the drow ends up turned to stone, and the scroll of prying eyes gets used.

The party (Caelum, Starr, Nervosh, HH, Garrett, and Larmost) with the dominated basilisk known as "Spicy" discover that the prying eyes scroll detects everything except one area of the map, where there is no info. Following the assumption that if someone doesn't want uthe party to go there, that's where they should go, they come across a monsterous dog with three heads (each apparently a different breed).

The dog dies a horrible wilting death, and the party walks past his smouldering remains and through a set of doors that lead directly into Solstice's study. He is rudely interupted at his desk while reading and being guarded by two giants. In the time it takes him to get clear of the rubble of an earthquake, the giants are taken down and Solstice is killed by Starr wielding Aurawing, which flashes a memory of the same blade killing the same lich centuries before. The phalactery is then exposed and dusted. The party finds all sorts of interesting items, and most of them go into various bags of holding. These include (but are not limited to) a mask to control the Tarrasque, a mirror for scrying, and a book about Maughan with notes on Caelum. After the articles are collected and te dungeon cleared, the party goes to Shimin's Isle, where they check in, and then decide to drop in to visit Nithalus.

Three things are learned
1) the best way to get to Ludemar may be through Maughan, who has a soft spot in his unbeating heart for children
2) the fearlessly beautiful warrior queen Meira is being held in a magic pool, possibly in/around Maughan's house
3) tarrasques are good demon-magnets, and the one released by the party is stirring up trouble in Donlin Crater instead of in Ludimar's army.

Which would you go after first - the all-powerful lich god and his armies of undead or the world-destroying unkillable abomination swarming with demons and devils?

so many choices…

Treasure Garnered:
50,132 gp, 12,872 sp and 3,758 cp
A stone tablet bearing the following spells (like a scroll):

wail of the banshee 3,825 gp
time stop 3,825 gp
freedom 3,825 gp
prying eyes, greater 3,000 gp (used)

+5 Breastplate (25k), +5 Animated Steel Shield (36K), +1 Vampiric Shaeloth (18k),
MW Adamantine Full Plate (16.5k)* (+4), MW Heavy Steel Shield* (+4), Ring of Protection +5 (hh 50k), Whip of Spiderkind (18k)

Potion of Cat’s Grace (300gp), +5 Cold Iron Deadly Precision Rapier of Speed (164,000 gp) +1 quick loading hand crossbow, (8,000gp) Cloak of Shifting Shadows (100k)
115,000 gp

MW dagger, Wand of Fireball (10 charges) (4K), Wand of Lightning Bolt (11 Charges) (4k), Wand of Stoneskin (6 Charges) (3K)

Cloak of resistance +3 X2 (9k Each)

Whip of Spiderkind
Any creature struck with this +2 whip is affected with one of three afflictions as determined by the whip’s weilder at the time. The net may be used up to five times per day between these three uses. In order to afflict an opponent the wielder must succeed at a regular melee attack, an armored opponent who is undamaged by the whip itself may still be affected by an affliction. Otherwise is treated as a +2 whip.

Poison: The whip to deliver poison (Fort DC 22, 2d6 Str/2d6 Str) with the next attack you make with it. If you score a critical hit, the Strength damage from that blow (both initial and secondary) becomes Strength drain instead.

Web: The whip may also activate to wrap the target in a web of tough, leathery filaments. The creature is entangled as if by a net for 3 rounds or until it escapes.
An entangled creature takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls and a -4 penalty on Dexterity, can move at only half speed, and cannot charge or run. If the weilder of the whip succeeds on an opposed Strength check while holding it, the entangled creature can move only within the limits the whip’s 15 ft range. (while used in this way the wielder may not make any other use of the whip) If the entangled creature attempts to cast a spell, it must make a DC 15 Concentration check or be unable to cast the spell.
An entangled creature can escape with a DC 20 Escape Artist check (a full-round action). The web has 5 hit points and can be burst with a DC 25 Strength check (also a full-round action).

Agony: The Whip may inflict terrible agony on any creature hit by the whip

CL 12, Price 18,000 Prerequisites: Poison, Web, Craft magic arms and armor.

466 magic items total
166456 gp total

Each party member gets an initial share of 79891.2 gp for treasure, no contribution is made to the party fund.

Mirror of Mental Prowess 175,000 gp (Caelum)
Eye of charming (a magical eye replacement) 56,000 gp (Given away)
Circlet of Intelect +5 137,500 gp (Caelum)
Pearl of Power (two spells up to 6th level) 60,000 gp (CaelumO)
Bracers of armor (+8) 64,000 gp (Garret)
Robe of scintillating colors 27,000 gp
Ring of universal elements resistance (minor) 144,000 gp
Belt of Giant Strength (+5) 137,500 gp
Glove of dexterity (+5) 137,500 gp (nervosh)
Ring of Wizardry 4 (IV) 100,000 gp (Nithalus)
+5 Mithral Reflecting Small Shield 101,350 gp (Garret)
Metamagic rod, quicken greater 170,000 gp (Caelum)
Hand of Glory 8,000 gp (star)
Ring of Freedom of Movement 40,000 gp (star)
Vest of protection +5 50,000 gp
Ioun Stones

  • Dusty Rose Prism (+1 ac) 5,000
  • Clear Spindle (no food and water) 4,000
  • Orange (+1 caster level) 30,000 (Garret)

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