3.21.0 The Vault Of Bahamut

Where: Eastern Athalish Empire
When: MR 8222 Collis 3 - 5
Meet: October 18 2008


The party met Shimin at the spire of Rithigoth in Athalin and were sent on an urgent mission to free an unnamed ally from a vault in the eastern Athalish Empire near the town of Proculus.

The party were given a rune scroll and the numbers 14409, and were told that each were combinations they would require.

The party secured directions from an old maid who had been romantically entangled with one of the vault's original builders
following the road HH was quickly lead off track by a powerful enchantment upon a nearby pillar which acted as a irresistable beacon to non-humanoids.
The party did battle with a draconic servant of Tiamat there the black wyrm Tetraion.
Caelum skinned the wyrm upon it's defeat while the others were resting.
Star found treasure in the sand at the base of the wayward pillar.

Cautious about further pillars the party approached the vault and made camp for the night.

Entering the vault they came upon a trap which constricted the corridor, crushing them mercilessly until they managed to extract themselves.

Further in, a magma bridge, guarded by a Vorg and Magma Lashers was dealt with through the judicious use of a marble elephant, figurine of wondrous power.

The party was then ambushed by a group of half-dragon half-stone giant fighters attacking from murderholes in the next coridor, Nervosh was wounded when a counterstrike failed but otherwise the party fared relatively well.

Next they came upon a circular room with a sliding rune puzzle. After extensive investigation it was learn t that someone had scrambled the puzzle and, by unscrambling the puzzle in consultation with one of the guard corpses the party managed to revert it to it's original state where the rune scroll given by Shimin completed the vault combination which read: The slain god with five heads if freed will take vengeance upon all living things. Shortly thereafter an ominous thud was heard.

When: MR 8222 Collis 5
Meet: November 1st 2008

Party investigated the labyrinth beyond the tile puzzle and were attacked by Mercurial Drakes
Found treasure hidden in caches throughout rubble strewn labyrinth (inaccuratelly reported as no treasure found at the table): Exactly 150,000 gp total
Found spell weaver Ndom, who they captured in iron bands, a shield guardian used his antimagic sphere to free the spell weaver but this allowed Nervosh to slay the mage-creature at range.
Deciphered senary number system vault containing the following treasures:

Label Item Value (gp) Reference
Eternal Wand of Web, “Uglo” Eternal Wand of Web 10900 MIC 159 PHB 301
Repelling Gauntlets Repelling Gauntlets 2300 MIC 121
Bracers of Archery Lesser Bracers of Archery Lesser 5000 DMG 250
Banded Mail of Luck Banded Mail of Luck 18900 DMG 220
Ring of Elemental Command (Earth) Ring of Elemental Command (Earth) 200000 Star buys for 100,000 gp DMG 231
Circlet of blasting, Minor Circlet of blasting, Minor 6480 DMG 252
Wings of Flying Wings of Flying 54000 DMG 268
Penultimate Memento Magica Memento Magica, 8th level 96000 MIC 164
Holy Ghost Strike Blade of least attack +1 Holy Ghost Strike Silver Rapier 50320 MIC 35
Luck Blade (1 wish) Luck Blade (1 wish) 62360 DMG 227
Iron Ward Diamond, Greater Iron Ward Diamond, Greater 8000 HH buys for 4000 gp MIC 26
Twilight armor of Ultimate protection Small +5 Twilight Mithral Breastplate 31200 MIC 15
Diary of Edom, mercenary hireling of Tetraion
545,460 gp total

Fought Fire Titan and a Zelekhut Harbinger and found an open vault containing the essence of Tiamat

Empress Dorenesi swept into the room with elven high guard and relegated the following information to the party.

  • The gem contained here contains Tiamat
  • Tiamat nearly destroyed the empire a century ago
  • Dorenesi informs the party that for their role in this traitorous scheme they will be banished from Athalin for the rest of their lives.
  • The Worldrunners will be banned from operating in the region.
  • Dorensi tells the party that Shimin is being held for treason against the crown.

At the conclusion of the conversation Dorenesi has the party are banished to Aire near Solstice's Lair

Treasure Division

Total Value of Treasure: (Sold) 495646 gp
Each party member's share: 82607 gp

As always if you would like to take a given item from the list above please pay half of it's listed value.
Transactions: Star Purchases Ring of elemental command for her share of the loot. Owes 5237 gp to the party fund due to a shortfall of the purchase price.

Amount to add to party fund: +77370 gp

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Also employs Dunjinni User art. (See links section)

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