3.02.0 Witch Hunt

Teranne wasn’t there at all
She’d traveled South for a house call
They looked for her, but all in vain
Until they told the guard her name
The guards told them a dreadful tale
For tithe evasion, she’s in jail
While guards were charmed with juggling fine
Teranne told them of a shrine
And to the South they now should head
To find the maker of undead

Forgetting help from the Kobold
The group heads South, all brave and bold
And on a bridge they find a bone
Which means they soon won’t be alone
They see the shrine is not all right
Then something gives them quite a fright
A bag against a pillar stands
Filled with eight each of feet and hands
While Hedwinn tries his best to hide
Look through curtains and see inside

Then the skeletons saw Kale
He tried to turn, to no avail
They turned, but then came Yasridil
A necromancer elf with will
He quickly then un-turned the lot
As our group and Yasridil fought
He turned invisible and fled
One touch of death, and Bairoth’s dead
The death was felt as one great blow
The team got mad and killed their foe

They killed two Zombies and their child
With unholy relics went wild
They looked into another room
And found four people in the gloom
Although it cost too high a price
Our team had stopped a sacrifice
They also found the sword they sought
In form of jewelry, who’d have thought
With loot, towards the town they weave
With prices on their heads they leave

They pass the fields ploughed by zombies
There’s even dead things in the trees
They must go to Meridian
Unlock the jewel and sword therein
Must look for cleric Sinatam
He’ll help them ‘cuz no one else can
Mourning their good friend who’s now dead
Towards the port Whitecliff they head
They have to ride the surf and foam
On to the Orc’s Teeth, Hrash/Hlang’s home

Our team now goes into Whitecliff
The smell of death on every whiff
A pickpocket steals Hedwinn’s gold
But Hed’s quite fast, although he’s old
He catches them inside a bar
Stuns them before they go too far
He then gives them a city tour
And takes them to where the boats moor
They barter passage from this land
By doing work as a deck hand

They head now for the port Dachoen
Though the ship’s rocking and rolling
Hear stories from Ellarian
About a great leviathan
He’s captain of the ‘Soulbringer’
He said “in Escher don’t linger”
Our team docks safely at the port
And sees a city of some sort
Half man half orc all mixed up there
Most of the townsfolk just don’t care

They go into a bar to pray
The cleric tells them where to stay
At raised palm inn they stay the night
For next day there’s a prize-match fight
But first a quick tour of the town
The Etn knows his way around
Our team heads for the marketplace
And with Haudhlagh come face to face
He and Hrash/hlang are not strangers
They watch the fight and place their wagers

Town guardsmen come to search our band
Found onyx in the cleric’s hand
A look of shock upon Kale’s face
His holy symbol’d been replaced
They found themselves bound and restrained
It seems as though they’d all been framed
They found themselves in dark prison
With an inmate who’s called Prosone
They’re taken to an orcish court
And face a trial with no support

False testimony is offered
Kale couldn’t understand a word
He said they’d loitered beside graves
And had then haggled over spades
Found guilty ‘fore the trial began
Of being a Ludimar fan
Then mean Lordrag the magistrate
Said soon they’d be burned at the stake
Haudhlagh then bribed his wizard boss
And sprung them ‘fore their lives were lost

An elemental from the earth
Soon sprung them from their prison berth
Into the sewers then they speed
Defeat a giant centipede
To the narrow tunnels they stick
The leeches almost make them sick
On the way out they find undead
The cleric turns them, soon they’ve fled
Reaching the entrance of the caves
Find those who’d send them to their graves

The one who falsely testified
And his partner, they both had lied
Although the orc proved quite strong-willed
They both were very quickly killed
Bolgona then came into sight
It seems that he had seen the fight
Although he said they could not stay
He’d get their stuff back anyways
He said “go to Cormuk, Echer”
But that’s our team’s next adventure.

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