17 The Kamest Heist

Chronicle 03-09-12
The party meets and decides to fund the fortification of Skyhold by raiding the vaults of Kamest. The party travels to Duronil to procure the plans for underground construction the Dwarves of Duronil built in Kamest. Nathaniel attempted to scry on the actual constructions with limited success. The party was only able to eliminate one of the targets as the public bathhouse.
Taylar then traveled to Gorost incognito as a necromancer to gather information about Kamest, with limited results. Of more value was information about other forms of Dargos the party had not yet encountered.
The party then met with Jarbin for consultation on how to secretly enter Kamest as he routinely runs alcohol to the underground market in Kamest. Jarbin took the party to the underground market in Kamest to meet a friend of his, Adaris.

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