16 Menace

Chronicle 1-22-12

The party returned to Skyhold. Izûn-Zîn scryed on Nathaniel only to find that he was in a stone in a pile of treasure in a wooden room. Izûn-Zîn then scryed on Elindies to find her in a room hewn from stone being tortured by a fire giant. A red-skinned creature (later determined to be some form of elemental polymorphed into a humanoid form) entered the room and dispelled the scrying. Jibraxis arrived at Skyhold, aware that Nathaniel had been separated from Elindies. The party decided to head to Red mountain, hopeful that there they would find Elindies. Upon arriving at Red mountain, Tamarack defeated a group of fire giants atop a tower by the summit of Red Mountain.
The party found giant bell alarms in the dungeon, and disabled and trapped two of them. Human prisonners, and remains, were found. The surviving prisonners were evacuated. The party defeated some fire giants, some half-dragon-half-lizardfolk, and a heavily-defended cloud giant. Taylar convinced two fire giants and the three chimeras they were training to surrender.

Chronicle 2-24-12

While investigating the treasure, the party is jumped by two red dragons. One appears to be a female who has been abused, and is rended unconcious quickly by the party. The party then kills the old male dragon with the help of dekrox, the magma dragon. The party then finds the old male dragon already regenerated into his clone and are attacked by him and a number of his simulacrum. The party searches the rest of the dungeon and finds the half dragon children, including Frenla's child. Searching further, the party then finds more of the women used for breeding, including Elindies. Frenla plans to become queen of the remainder of the fire giant clan, and pledges an alliance with skyhold, so long as the half-dragon children are not harmed.

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