15 Pillaging Grenvier

Chronicle 10/07/11

30 years ago, an adventuring party The Lords of Krintes were decimated by demons in Grenvier.

Back in Skyhold, For some reason, Tamarack is in prison for attacking Chargurt. A rift has developed between Tamarack and Kiana.

The party travels to Rittenratch to talk to Kayboar, a former member of the Lords of Krintes. He tells the party that the demons are susceptible to axiomatic weapons. The conversation ends abruptly when Taylar shares his love for Ludimarites, and hate for the church of Valalique.

The party travels to Grenvier, and battles a group of Dargos creatures on the plains of Morth.

Chronicle 11-3-11

Party goes to Dragon Lobster Beach. Combats some creepers. Varden hits them wiht a chain lightning, inadvertedly energising their explosive potential.
The two remaining creepers explode and almost take out the party.
The party takes an aquatic route to the Palace, taking out hundreds of dargosed giant salmon eggs en route. Upon reaching the palace, discover a half-volanti half-demon named Olbarix, who is mildly helpful. The tiara is missing. Olbarix fills in a bit of the present political situation of Grenvier. Party decides to seek the missing tiara. The party heads to the Inquisitor's tower to discover a banshee, and then later a Dragon Lobster in the water outside the second tower.

Chronicle 11-27-11

Under the tower, the party discovers a strangely clean portion of a room.
When the salt water is drained from the room, a ghost of an inquisitor who only speaks draconic appears.
The ghost, named Antrei is looking for the tiara.
He offers evidence, including interview notes in Auldelian, which he translates into Draconic for us.
He also shows us a painting of the inquisition investigating the missing tiara, including one missing a finger.
He provides a letter of reference for the druid, whose name was Dalm.
He also provides the address for the druid, which includes a riddle.
He also tells us of a vault that may still hold a shipment of floatwood.
The party heads to the address of the druid, where a quintet of large emaciated roun demons is hanging out.
Inside the address, the party finds an invisible closed eye on the rear wall. It turns out to be a living extradimentional space.
The party finds the cache of floatwood, but it is guarded by a number of creepers.
While excavating a route down to the floatwood to bypass the creepers, the party is attacked by winged dargos creatures, who are themselves scared off by the approach of two demons.
The party summons the Couatl, who asks for the death of the Emperor.
The Couatl tells us that Dalm was the head of the council, with Duriel, that liberated the Tarrasque.
They corrupted the Tarrasque and made it zaomantic.
Party goes to the cathedral to face the Emperor.
The party first softens up the emperor with some bone cannonballs. The emperor is battered by the Couatl dropping an exploding creeper, and killed by Taylar using a bonified Simeon.
The tiara is found in a secret cache behind a statue in the Cathedral.

Friday December 2nd 2011
“The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all of the vermin will drown.”
Another day in Grenvier. This city is oppressive, it weighs on us, being free of this place and back to civilization would be a blessing, but legend says that no-one can visit Grenvier twice. Every corner of this city crawls with dargos or demons, and dangerous creatures where we cannot see the difference between the two. Now we have severed the heads of the two factions struggling for control of this city it may be able to be recovered.

After our success against the Emperor of the demons the party was in fairly high spirits heading off to combat the brain bug. Their new ally the coautl passed a feather to Taylar to ensure that the party could contact him again in the future if the party faced a threat which would suit the coautl who seemed to clash with Taylar but who bonded so nicely with Simeon.

The first encounter of the day was indicative of how crawling this city is with foul creatures of all kinds. A simple fight against some undead was quickly settled with a few well placed lightning bolts and fireballs. Unfortunately these big flashy spells quickly drew other demons and dargos to the scene. The party spent the first half of the fight attempting to avoid wasting resources, but soon decided that dragging the fight out was likely to draw more foes to the fray. Of note was an image of Taylar’s rod of wonder summoning a crazy elephant and Munch and Nelly the elephant tearing a demon apart as they fought over who would grapple it first. Tamarack charging against the dargos aggressor was amazing as she nearly single-handedly mopped up one side of the fray. However the encounter would have dragged on even longer had Nathanial not penned up the last group of newly arrived aggressors.

The combat with the brain bug was devastating. The players were crawling into difficult terrain only to be confronted with never ending swarms of dargos including some who seemed resistant to Taylar’s best efforts to remove, that bit, while they were still living. Taylar’s cunning plan went into action as soon as the brain bug appeared; he used an unseen servant to glue a previously thought worthless magically enhanced cheater’s target [which conferred magic accuracy on attacks aimed at it] to the brain bugs front where it couldn’t reach it; this plan allowed Nathanial to The encounter was shorted considerably by Izun-zin’s devolution of the dargos giant mauler into an elephant which Varden was able to control. Even with the removal of the carapaced monstrosity the party were soon suffering badly and chose to wall off the cavern to lick their wounds. Unfortunately the creature had seen this tactic before and dimension doored to the wall of the crater and prepared to cast a meteor swarm into the pit. Kiana was able to devastate one of the brain bugs guards my animating a nearby house and using it to bull rush the creature from the cliff before landing on it’s head. Taylar having gotten fed up of the creatures guards resisting his attacks immediately used his climb speed to rush up the cliff side and just as the creature was about to unleash the devastating meteor swarm which would definitely have killed Tamarack and may have killed everyone else Taylar stepped over the cliff top [in an action which showed his heroism] and unleashed a devastating barrage of attacks against the creatures soft under belly which interrupted its casting by stopping its heart beating.

The groups preliminary journey to Grenvier ended with another meeting with the demonic volanti, who followed through on his promise to share his potent deck of many things with the group. Tamarack, Kiana, Taylar, Varden and Nathanial partook; Izun-Zin declined. Tamarack did well coming out with some amazing results, Taylar also did well, but nothing amazing, Kiana and Varden were mainly successful but have developed a taste for the dead flesh of their own species. Nathanial however draw cards which resulted in his disappearance.

The next step in the party’s development must be the recovery of Nathanial and the curing of the cannibalistic tendencies of Kiana and Varden.

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