14 Prisoners Of Dongathol


The prisonners of Dongethol

Party returns to the slavers' diamond mine.
Taylar kills one dwarf, and hides the unconcious body of the other.
Going up to the next level, the party encounters an advanced xorn enslaved by the dwarven slavers. After some combat, Taylar and Varden convince the xorn to stop, and gives us information in exchange for quartz and its freedom, granted by Nathaniel's Break Enchantment and dismissal.
The party finds some human prisonners, including Lundune's nephew, and Khadir.
Going up to the next level, the party, finds a sniper, whom Taylar convinced quickly to surrender. Going further up, the party found the crippled Green dragon, Darfollit. Taylar climbed his neck and convinced him to let us rescue him. Varden teleports him to Jibraxis in a bag of holding, so that he can be regenerated. Jibraxis has apparently heard of the slaver's ring.
The party teleports 6 prisonners and 2 dwarf slavers out of Dongethol leaving 12 prisonners behind in the barracks. Lundune's nephew informs the party that Lundune has been resurrected.
Taylar returned to find that the unconcious dwarf he hid lower down was missing.


Prisonners or Dongethal

The party frees the rest of the prisonners.

Party enters throneroom and a battle ensues. When Nathaniel's flame strike dispatches the Oracle prophetess, the Dwarven guardian statues animate and begin attacking everyone.
While fighting the Golems, the dwarves ask for parley, which begins once the Golems are dispatched.
Dwarves claim they were put up to the slaving scheme by Lord Idunin, from the Deepinghome. Varden and Taylar convince the Dwarves to lay down their arms and come with us under arrest.

Party finds notes about the Tiara of Jubilee, located in Grenvier. It is a relic from the ancient church of Achaneron that is capable of resurrecting individuals at will. The plan to retrieve it was deemed to dangerous for the dwarves to undertake.

Party travels to the Deepinghome with witnesses to bring Idunin to justice.

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