13 Prophet Of The Fallen Sun

Chronicle 3-12-11

Taylar insists on going through a newly discovered portal to the greys, in order to kill a demon on simeon's kill list. the party decides to go with him.
The party takes the ship to the edge of the empty to the portal.
Upon going through the portal, Taylar turns into a girl named Emily, a fighter & previous wielder of simeon.
The party kills some vrocs & rescues some elves. Afterwards, Emily is struck by electricity damage and turns into Evan, a druid (and velociraptor).
the party kills an omox by polymorphing it into a frog which jumps into acid.
The party chases away a Hezrou.
A mud elemental gives the party a staff and tells that the demon has become a merylith.
An elven ghost appears and attacks Evan with a bolt of lightning, and Evan turns into a female half-orc witch named Hecate, the original creator of Simeon.

Chronicle 4-2-11

The party fights some Babaus that were waiting in ambush.
The party has acquired some larval souls.
the party encounters some Kalavakus who were holding 5 "sinners" they try to sell us. Telefret chain lightnings them & somethng imperceptably kills one of the kalavakus and vanishes. The party figurs someone is trying to scry on them and leave behind Dahlia and Evan (two of the prisonners).
the party continues to fight two bloated daemonesses? During the fight Izûn-Zîn discovers that Nathaniel is no longer in control of his prisonner - before the combat ends, Varden zaps Hecate,and she turns into Sir Richard, a Paladin who smites Nathaniel's prisonner. The party is eventually successful in defending her and her devil friends she summonned.
The party goes to fight the Merylith Izûn-Zîn grapples with the Hezrou into the lava.
The party defeats the Merylith almost losing Tamarack in the process. the Merylith also killed a hound archon.

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