12 Dragons In The Twilight

Chronicle 2-19-11

Dragondale - Scalen

Bronze Dragon, Zardox attacked the inn to kidnap Kiana, and makes off with Izûn-Zîn and Kiana.
Kiana has been "conscripted" by the dragons to screen coins.
The party is permitted to arrest/kill Volok and take his hoard.
Zardox is shot in the testicles by Taylar.
A dragon from the council casts protection from fire on the party.
Party goes to Tulix Dominion Headquarters to go after Volok.
The party diplomacises with their henchdragons who cooperate. Party slays Volok and a dargos creature.

Factions in Dragondale:
Tulix Dominion: Red Dragon Supremasists, wish to enslave all other dragons, and men by extension.
Andelroth Brotherhood: Worshipers of Ashaneron, beleive in guiding dragons to ashaneron or opposing those who persist in evil.
Drazind Enclave: Reclusive and secretive, these dragon sages hoard knowledge and seldom share with outsiders, when they do it is at great price
Union of the Scales: Beleive in the sanctity of all draconic life, cooperate with the elemental lords in enforcing the ancient treaties. They are named for the platinum scales used to judge dragons before their tribunals, not for dragon scales.
Garzinth Guild: Garzinth dragons value their hordes above all else, they mine, trade, and steal to increase their holdings.
Ezoth Nation: Friend to lesser races this is a kingdom of dragons and humans ruled by it's namesake Ezoth the gold wyrm. Ezoth is ruler of the council of wyrms since the fall of Nymbrixion. Ezoth's dragon knights are a force to be reckoned with.
The outcasts of Grued: Unified by their distain for the status quo These rogue dragons actively work to undo the ancient treaties, undermine the elemental lords and oppose the Union of the Scale at all costs. They experienced a great surge in interest after the slaughter of dragons in the exilic war.

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