4.01.0 The Infestation

In Skyhold, where the water flows, five wanderers exploring new
Frontiers convene by chance or fate—now let us meet this motley crew:

Varden of the grey-blue wings hopes to be Speaker of the Winds
The witch who reads skulls and tells futures will be where his quest begins.

On the way he makes a friend, one first mistaken for a stone:
Izûn-Zîn of the forest folk—now neither will travel alone.

Dorydd, heir to Duronil’s throne, sheds duty and decides to run.
Now she goes by Tamarack, a sailor out for gold and fun.

Taylar, an orphan from the gutter, finds a ‘small one’ in a jam;
He proves quite deadly with his knives, and now he’s on the road with Tam.

Graster wanders into Skyhold for the mining industry;
He gets more than he bargained for—adventure, friends, and mystery.

First Varden finds the local priest for insight on the witch he tracks,
But that night peace is spoiled when goblins kidnap local kids for snacks.

Our friends rush in to quell the threat and find an unexpected help:
Kiana shows off sorceress powers astonishing in a mere whelp.

Examination of the foes shows strange patterns—tattoos or brands?
The party speaks with local guards, who could use extra pairs of hands.

Our friends agree and, with promise of gold to aid the city’s plight,
Descend upon the goblins, who surrender after a brief fight.

We learn goblins were forced from home by fiery ants whose burning feet
Gave them the marks that caused confusion; now there’s goblin stew to eat.

In town there is a gnomish wizard studying bugs and butterflies;
Acting as consultant, Saite offers tips for ants’ demise.

After some prep our friends head out to find the ants, but on the way
A strange event: some animated objects keep the group at bay.

Tamarack is almost smothered by a cloak, while Taylar won
Her hammer from the tongs’s grasp; but sadly, Graster’s shield is gone.

Cloak and tongs, armour and stone—all eventually retreat.
The party can’t help wondering who gave these things their unseen feet.

Angered, confused, but not too hurt, our party next encounters gnolls.
A hyena is their pet, but all are dispatched by heroic souls [and good dice rolls…]

After healing they press on; along the path crossbows without
Attendants cause some brief concern, but soon each one is taken out.

In the distance glowing fire turns out to be the ants they sought—
Waterskins prove useful weapons—now they are dead who once were hot.

During the night large ants attack and they, too, find a quick demise.
Next day, when passing by a pool, the party can’t believe their eyes:

Although water proved deadly to exteriors of fiery ants,
Thousands of these are now seen drinking—seems, for thirst, they take the chance.

Then in a cave of goblin filth our friends defeat some swarming foes,
But it’s not over—in the tunnels larger ants a threat will pose.

Treasure Acquired

  • MW small composite mighty +1 longbow 400 gp (Taylar takes)
  • MW small leather armor 150 gp. (Taylar takes)
  • small greatclub (Party Fund)
  • 3X waterskin
  • potion of cure light wounds (Varden) 50 gp
  • Mask made from the skull of a giant ant. 0 gp.
  • small masterwork chainmail 300 gp
  • silvered masterwork heavy mace 332 gp
  • A fine purse suited for a aristocratic woman of high standing. 100 gp (Tam)
  • 318 gp
  • 1000 gp reward.

*Dispersal 200 each*
Treasure division to follow

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