3.01.0 The Enemy Of My Enemy

The four set off from Low Meadow
Not knowing how far they would go
Kale started out on missions blessed
By old order leader Quinness
He said to hire a band to find
A sword of old, once lost in time
Now to be found in Mazavi,
A place no good cleric should be
In a town held by Ludemar
(An evil god-lich with a scar)

Kale went into the Lion’s Mane
An old tavern of older fame
And asked who wants join the quest
He only would hire the best
The first to join up was the bard
Who asked for almost no reward
He had no weapon, but could cook
And juggle, and that’s all it took
The next, a short illusionist
Could win a fight without a fist

And thus Hedwinn and Bairoth joined
“A Stroll to Ent’s Perch” it was coined
But they would need at least one more
A guide who knew the mountain’s core
A gnome to lead the way in dark
And warrior would hit the mark
They found her on a badger’s back
A badger trained to charge-attack
Star was her name, now they could go
Down thru the mountains, deep below

Into the mountain they then dived
The bard died twice, but was revived
They fought one undead ogre-mage
A skeleton all full with rage
As rocks were thrown upside his head
(Just to make sure that he was dead)
It turns out (though his skin was gone)
The skeleton itself lived on
It took two days and many hits
To smash the skeleton to bits

They hastily slipped by a xorn
Just to avoid his wrath and scorn
And in a cavern wide they stood
And looked where a bat said they should
Lo and behold, they find a path
Guarded by spiders full of wrath
It took a Molotov cocktail
And with a mage’s hand prevail
The spiders herded down the cave
Avoiding situations grave

First up the rope and through a crack
No resistance the route gave back
Until a portcullis went snap
They were caught in a living trap
The opened chest had food inside
The fountain spewed a poison tide
Not wanting to be Dwergar slaves
They then enlisted an Ent’s aid
So Hrash and Hlang did join their brood
And all it cost was Dwergar food

They went into the town by night
Impressed a guardsmen by their might
They met the mayor and his crew
(So mad to be awake at two)
They were took to an inn to mend
And once inside they met a friend
Old Teranne was her name
And they knew they were safe again
Except the Kobolds causing fear
By making people disappear

Kale was given special scrolls
To consecrate and heal their holes
Then they went off to ask a friend
About the disappearing men
He told them where the Kobolds live
Gave all the info he could give
They checked the gate below the stream
And found a hole, a gash, a seam
They found the Kobolds’ wat’ry gate
Thus they decide the Kobolds’ fate

They rush into the Kobold caves
And find dead bodies not in graves
The Bard goes deep into the lair
And finds a shocker lizard there
After a battle makes it dead
The etn then bites off its head
They go into another room
And scare a Kobold in the gloom
The etn picks him off the floor
But Kale thinks he can learn some more

The Kobold’s scared, his eyes are red
He thinks the party is undead
It seems our brave party and he
Both have a common enemy
When they find out who’s doing this
The Kobold’s help they can enlist
They thank the Kobold, put him down
And make their way back into town
When they got back the bad news fell
Their friend Teranne’s gone as well

To Be Continued …

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