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Next Meet dates:

Pirates: Next Meet Friday January 2nd 2014 7:00 pm La Grotte

Skull and Shackles Adventure Path Released

I've just begun downloading my new PDFs from the paizo site.

The Skull & Shackles adventure path is shaping up in the following manner:
A) Many meets are likely to be held in Vancouver at my parents house
B) The campaign presumes 4 players.
C) Players must be interested in being pirate type characters
D) I've bought nearly every pirate model Imperial hobbies/Hourglass has to offer. Call dibs on yours now if you feel so inclined and I'll begin painting them shortly.
E) The campaign is being adapted to take place in the same world as my past campaign likely in the orcs teeth islands
F) Another campaign with largely separate players will likely be concurrent.
G) You begin the campaign being press ganged onto a pirate ship.
H) For more info see the Players Guide

While you are planning your characters:
Core Rulebook Races + orcs are permissible, one token member of an exotic race may be acceptable.
Check with me about any familiar or animal companion, the first adventure has plot requirements as to how to include these.
Suggested Deities for Clerics: Gaia, Goloas, Valalique (Tolast), Darial

Note from the treasurer:
Taylar: 51,375
Izun-zin 51,375
Tamarack 35875 +Cloak +4 Resist Immune Paralysis and Petrification
Nathanial 47535  +12 +2 Holy Xbow bolts.
Varden 41375 +Ring Wizardry Level 1
Kianna 31375
Note:  Party treasure stash is no longer needed to be maintained at such a high level because the tiara can res party members.  I liquidated 100k of party treasure and dished that out as well, I did not give a share of that to Kianna.

Other events:

Painting Party
Saturday 26th of January 2011 3:00-10:00 pm
(see details on facebook)

Hero Points: Amanda 2, Phil 1, Chris 3

Oh sweet goodness, the Paizo Staff have started their equivalent to the "List"

Overheard at the Paizo Office

Wanna earn some Hero Points? Here's some fun ideas.

Powerpoint Creation, I give you a list of images/themes you e-mail them to me in .ppt format (1 point)
Painting I've got a bunch of monster models on the go, Paint two medium models, or one larger model for 1 hero point potential painting party next week mayhaps?
NPC statblocks: Contact me, I've got a few I need, particularly casters
Needed stuff: Foam trays (eg Games workshop) are worth a hero point each
Chronicle and Treasury (Phil's on these as I understand it)
Art request: Party group picture colour prefered

Hero Points

I'm considering issuing hero points as a reward for service to the group, eg: treasury, chronicle, painting etc. Characters would not gain hero points for leveling up. I feel this may be a better approach to ensure that bookeeping and so forth gets done, If you're the group "chronicler" then you're generally the person who does the chronicle and would have right of first refusal as it were. I welcome your input, there may be a vote or some such at the next meet. The one item I'm likely to disallow for hero points is rerolls. As i'm envisioning it Hero points would be available only for OOC group service.

Cannons and portable holes.

In order to be fired a cannon must be removed from a portable hole and assembled as per the rules in ultimate combat (p 159). The reason for this is geometry as cannons are not designed to be fired vertically up out of the hole.

Some notes on Firearms and Gunslingers.

I've recently updated our rules to be in kilter with the beta gunslinger rules from Paizo. Firearms have been part of our campaign world for some time, the short folk of the deepinghome closely guard the secrets to their creation. Some progressive dwarven patrols carry muskets instead of crossbows though they seldom see more than singular use in a skirmish before being discarded in favour of axes as the foes, usually goblins, charge into melee. Gunslingers NPCs exist, I'm open to gunslinger PCs also but it would be a future development subject to a group discussion.
For the moment those who know how to craft firearms without exception work for the monarch of the deepinghome and gunslingers are exclusively servants of the same. In the parlance of the Ultimate combat Playtest 2 document, the world as a whole is operating as "Very Rare Guns", while NPCs in the Deepinghome are operating under "Emerging Firearms".

While we're talking about ultimate combat please let me be clear, Samurai and Ninja have never been permitted in my campaigns and I'm not planning to start now. Firstly because these are just Japanesse for Fighter and Rogue, and secondly because fantasy oriental culture isn't really expressed in our campaign world at this time, mostly due to my lack of understanding.

A moment of silence please

Casters (and Destrachan's rejoice) the silence spell has been modified to make it a little less deadly, "Silence" the level 2 spell, makes it really difficult (but not impossible) to hear anything. "Utter Silence" the level 4 spell negates all sound in the area. Check it out here

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Next Meet Scheduled for Saturday November 20th

The Entire Party is Level 11, ready your character sheets and prepare for the horrors of "Adventure 11: The Golden Path"


Vote here for the best of the RPG industry for 2010.

d20pfsrd.com, Pathfinder, and PathfinderWiki are in the running. I hope you'll seriously consider voting for those products we use regularly in our game.


Our projector rig was a splash at PaizoCon 2010 see more here

The List is true resurrected!

A few housekeeping matters in the interim
A) The party is level 10, please submit your character sheets on the site.
B) For the purposes of the Post Counter the exploration of skyhold dungeon counted as 3 adventures.
C) The adventurers will be on hiatus for one year

  • researching Saite's whereabouts
  • Repairing the skyship
  • administering the expansion of skyhold
  • resurrecting Kianna and trying to resurrect Graster.

Joint Posts on any of the above topics will be worth 50% additional experience.

Pursue an exciting career in the hospitality renovation field

Post your floor plan for one of the towns two inns under renovation to receive an EXP bonus.

Dennis has submitted plans for the Gossling, Amanda is calling dibs on the Outlook

Get your Dungeon On

The Skyhold dungeon is inspired by many sources including Undermountain, Maure Castle, and Monte Cook's dungeonaday.com (he gave a great seminar at PaizoCon)
It may be useful for you to be aware of some guiding assumptions made in creating this monstrously large dungeon.

Compatibility with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game requires the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from Paizo Publishing, LLC. See [http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG] for more information on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Paizo Publishing, LLC does not guarantee compatibility, and does not endorse this product.

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